To continually hone my craft of creation towards greater and greater, forms and pieces

Such an endeavor will be ambitious to match the visions projected, but I will always walk and climb this life I have. The path of expression.

Towards greater ends and until greatness begins. It is my true work, but it is hard work alone.

So please consider joining me in this quest. I’m seeking publishers, colorists,  editors and patrons.  Collaborators of any sort, to assist this outsider, in pursuit of bringing better entertainment and stranger forms of beauty.

So join the team!

Please contact the email below, with inquiries, comments and ideas.



For donations and services:



Available for commissions, purchases,  support money and/or freelance work.





Twiitter, facebook, tumblr and others coming soon. Ughg..


I am not so mysterious, so please feel free to reach out, for whatever reason. I’ll try to accommodate requests and questions, the best i can.

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