My aim is art honing and pursuit of beauty, in all it’s vast forms.

From comedy to horror, poetry to film, dance to cooking, anti art to just plain ol’ art for arts sake.

I want to intertwine and refine every art I can. Into a life solely focused and supported upon quality creations. Hopeful, that someday, i may even churn out a masterpiece.

I live for the day.

Such a feat is nearly impossible alone. So please consider joining me in this dream.

I’m seeking publishers, colorists, editors, patrons, word of mouth and general partners in crime. So join the gang or just enjoy the show. Your support and engagement, is much appreciated!

Contact the email below, with inquiries, comments and ideas.


For donations and services:

Available for commissions, purchases,  support money and/or freelance work.





Twiitter, facebook, tumblr and others coming soon. Ughg..


I am not so mysterious, so please feel free to reach out, for whatever reason. I’ll try to accommodate requests and questions, the best i can.

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